ViroGates is an international Biotech company headquartered in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, in the heart of Medicon Valley. ViroGates is developing a product line called suPARnostic® to make suPAR available as a tool in various areas of healthcare.

suPARnostic® is a unique Risk Status Marker, providing extra value and additional information regarding the patient. suPARnostic® acts as a master alarm for a patient’s risk status - an elevated suPARnostic® level reflects a developing critical condition and increased risk of mortality - decreasing suPARnostic® indicates patient improvement and effective intervention.

The suPARnostic® ELISA kit gets top marks from lab users:           Performed in less than 2 hours, robust and yielding reproducible results. All reactions are at room temperature, all reagents are provided for convenience.

Key Products

  • suPARnostic® Standard ELISA
  • suPARnostic® Flex ELISA
  • suPARnostic® Rapid test  

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