Likamed has been successful for 30 years within the market in the medical sector with medical chairs, beds (especially for dialyisis patients) and matching accessories as well as customised equipment carts. By consistently aligning their product quality across the entire product life cycle and on functionality measured against the customer's needs, a highly specialised company was able to grow in the Kraichgau region in Germany near Stuttgart.

Beside this product range, which includes beds and chairs from simple level to high end products customized on patient needs, Likamed developed a special device  for extracorporeal pain treatment and trigger point therapy based on shockwave technology (LIKAWAVE Vario).

Key Areas:

Medical chairs and beds for dialysis and different kind of infusion therapies (e.g. Chemotherapy at Oncology)

  • Donor treatment chairs
  • Medical side tables and porters
  • Device for shockwave therapy

Key Products:

  • „Smart“: compact versatile couch for medical treatment with mechanical adjustment for different patient positions (for dialysis and blood donation)
  • „Donor and treatment couch“: with stepless adjustment possibilities by electric motor

  • Dialysis Chair „Start A2“ and „Start A3“: includes all basic patient requirements for save and comfortable treatment of dialysis patients and patients on long lasting infusion therapies (e.g. Chemotherapy)

  • Dialysis Chair „Base A3“ and „Base A4“: include beside key functions special features, which make therapy for patients and nurses easier

  • „Evolution A3“ and „Evolution A4“: fully equipped dialysis and therapy chair with various options and colour variations

  • „Premium A5“: premium model with motorized adjustment of all movable parts; elegant cover for the whole underframe. Various colours and options fulfil every patient´s and user´s demands.

  • „Novo X550“: Bed couch with electrical adjustment for back-, seat- and foot-part as well as high adjustment and foot rest. Special designed for elder patients, who prefer partly bed positioning during treatment.

  • „SELEXA“: the next-generation bed chair is an ideal combination of bed and couch and sets new standards: patients can sit, recline and relax, safety and comfort is ensured by convenience of stepless positioning. It was especially developed to meet  the strict clinical requirements of dialysis, post-operative recovery rooms and oncology in partnership with hospital staff, patients. The only bed chair which is designed for patients up to 250 kg.

  • „ST1“ and „ST2“: medical side-tables, which are suitable for all Likamed couches and beds

  • „LIKAWAVE Vario“: device for extracorporeal pain treatment and trigger point therapy based on shock wave technology. It combines the advantages of radial and focused shockwaves due to high energy applicator. Vario mode changes treatment energy and makes treatment more physiologic for cells. Applicable for patients e.g. with calcific shoulder, heel pain, heel spur, patellar tendon, chronic neck/shoulder and back pain. Delayed healing of bone fractures.

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